The New Red Carpet Rules

Judging from the recent award shows in Hollywood, red carpet style is finally evolving thanks to risk-takers like Emma Stone. At the SAG awards she wore Dior’s chic take on the tuxedo. A few weeks earlier at the Golden Globes she showed up in a Lanvin jumpsuit complete with a jeweled bustier. So who will really take the plunge at the Oscars and wear Dior’s haute couture catsuit? Call Cher.

Monsieur Dior: Once Upon A Time

Christian Dior is one of the most intriguing figures in fashion–not only because he made such an impact on mid-20th century style with his famous New Look collection, but also because he was the first couturier to transform his name into a global brand. My friend Nathasha Fraser-Cavassoni has a new book out that is a real jewel. With numerous interviews and anecdotes she draws an intimate portrait of Dior the couturier, and Dior the quintessential Frenchman. The photos are also beautiful, with many I’ve never seen. Order it here.